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101 Reasons I love My Husband/ Our Wedding

My husband and I have been married since 1999.  I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be married to my best friend, my love, my sunshine…   I made a list of 101 things I love about him.  Thought I would share.  He loved it!  Maybe you can make  your own list and make your Valentine smile too. Scroll down to see my list.

Here are some pictures of Danny and I went we were dating:

Laguna Beach, California. Still our happy place.  Now we take the kids.

Our wedding Day

Our 1st Dance.  It was so romantic, everyone blowing bubbles at us.  Our song was “From this Moment”  by Shania Twain.  I STILL get goose bumps every time I hear it.

In the Limo

This one hangs on our wall in our family room

Here is my list of 101 Reasons I gave to my Husband:

101 Why I love you

You are sexy

You’re faithful

You are a great father

You make me laugh

You love Jesus

You remember the little things that make me happy

You hold my hand when we walk

You always go shopping with me

Your home improvement skills Rock!!

You love the beach as much as I do

You sing “Blue Christmas” (by Elvis) EVERY Christmas to make us laugh

You keep me safe from the Boogie Man

You always tell the truth, even if you’ll be in trouble

You are a really really good cook

You appreciate my artistic side

You bring a bottle of Dom every time we go on a cruise for our leaving port toast

You love my Family

My Family Loves you

You make funny faces with me when we take pictures

You gave me a Daughter

You gave me a Son

You gave me another Daughter

You always put the groceries in the car

People love you

You are a fabulous on the BBQ

You love to travel as much as I do

You will try new things, (almost all of my crazy ideas)

You are optimistic

You remember to take out the trash

You help the kids get ready when we go anywhere

You have great ideas

You are a stud muffin

You stand behind me in tough times

You make me Smile

You learn quickly

You get excited about new things

You laugh at ridiculous things

You snuggle with me

You have been by rock for as long as I can remember

You’re a Mr. Mom and great at it!

Your poker face

You fold our towels like I like them

You’re a Movie Buff

You love happy hour with me

You make my favorite mexican food, So tasty!

We can sit in a room together, not say word, and have a conversation

You help me make cakes

Spooning with you

You’re strong

You are creative

You can dive from the tippy top rock

You went on space shot with me, even though you hate heights

We can talk without using words

I love your laugh

We listen to Jimmy Buffett out by the pool every summer

You always say please and thank you

You love it when I rub your hand

You’re a hard worker

You are willing to go to Chuck E Cheese

I love pushing your buttons

You are a safe driver

I love that you tease the kids

You change Diapers

You wear the silly underwear I buy you

You have a piggy bank

You like to eat all the things I bake

You like to play Black Jack, and you’re good at it

I love the tone of your voice

You look amazing in Tommy Bahama shirts

You always call me when you are out

You go with me to plays

You whistle

You help me throw amazing parties

You go to all the kids functions

We share food with each other at restaurants

You let me put my cold feet on you in bed

We have a blast with our friends

You always take the kids to the doctor with me

You expect the best

You play games on Sundays with the kids and me

You have a great passion for life

You don’t put up with idiots

You’re my best friend

Everyone thinks you’re a fun guy to be around

I love Mommy-Daddy time!

Fireworks make you act like a 10-year-old boy

You teach the kids silly things

You make sure the cars are safe to drive

You kill ALL the spiders

You love Christmas

You are a practical joker

It’s easy to get you fired up

You like rollercoasters

You open doors for me

You take vitamins to make me happy

You always pump the gas so I don’t have to

I love the way you love me

I love to dance with you

You’ve make every one of my birthdays special

I love the way you kiss me

You are my sunshine…My only sunshine…

So there you have it 101 reasons I love my man!!  Lord knows I have a million more!

The last one is special to us:  I used to sing the  “You are my sunshine” song to him when we were dating to try to get on his nerves.  We actually have a swimming pool company called “Sunshine Pools” because of it.  Maybe I should have Sunshine Embroidery???  LOL

Thanks for taking a peek into our little world.  We are thankful for everyday.  It’s the little things that make it all worth it!


Cutie Candles and Baby Changing Station

Cutie Candles

How fun are these! All you need is a Cutie and some Olive Oil!

Cut a Cutie, a.k.a. Clementine Orange, around the middle, peel in half, cut a cute shape out of the top,  (hearts would be so cute for Valentine’s Day) use the pulp stem in the bottom half as a wick, fill with olive oil, light the pulp, and enjoy your little Cutie candle.  Will burn for hours.  Do not leave unattended, and always be careful playing with fire.

Diaper Changing Station done in the hoop

Perfect little gift for Baby!  Diaper and Wipe Carrier done in one hooping!

Reindeer Feed with Fingerprint Reindeer

Reindeer Feed is a yearly tradition in our house.  Every year we make big batches of it, and pass it out to all the kids.  On Christmas Eve, right before bedtime, we sprinkle it all over the yard, and a few neighbors.   (Wouldn’t want Santa to miss anyone on our street!)  The kids love running a muck in their pajama’s, as it is the last ditch effort to make sure Santa comes.

You can download this printable card on my yahoo group for free, under Christmas Fun.  (You will need to add Reindeer)

We added our kids fingerprints ( I did the kids thumbprints) with a brown stamp pad, the antlers with a marker, and the noses with red paint.  I use the other end of the paint brush, dip it in the paint, and it makes a perfect dot each time.  🙂

Recipe for Reindeer Feed: Oatmeal and Glitter.  Reindeer love it!!

I painted Lexi’s nails to go with her outfit I made for her Christmas party.  Easy Peasy.  Just paint red, and add green glitter nail polish to the ends.  Christmas French Manicure in minutes!! = Ten happy little fingers!

Love Love Love these Cotton Candy Snowmen tubs!!

Christmas Baby Shower with a Diaper Tree!

I threw a Christmas Baby Shower for Baby Colt this weekend.  It was so much fun doing a Red and White Christmas theme!

I made a Christmas Tree out of Diapers, with a baby blanket as the tree skirt for the center piece.  See the Candy Canes in the Shape of a “C” for baby Colt?

We had a coffee Bar with all kinds of Yummy things to decorate your coffee.

I dipped Chocolate Covered Spoons with Holiday Sprinkles for the girls to stir with.  Whip Cream in the middle, Candy Canes, Marshmallows, Butterscotch, Hot Cocoa mix, Red and White Sugar Crystals, Carmel Flavor Coffee Cream (powdered), and of course, Chocolate all around.  In shakers, we had Cinnamon, Cocoa, and Nutmeg.

Everyone really enjoyed decorating their coffees!!

Christmas Cocktails are always fun!!  These are SUPER  Yummy!!

For Lunch Sandwiches and salads.  The silverware was wrapped with Candy Canes.  In the middle of the table was a little tree, each guest could write on an ornament.  She could give her advice, wishes, or poems for the new Mommy.

Elf Helpers are alway fun

She is doing the baby’s room in a Football Theme, hence the football blanket:

Click here for this football font:

Here is a link to a tutorial to make cookies like these:

Holly (Me), Nicole, Calista, and Jamie

These girls are so creative!  Love Love Love to throw parties with them!!

Can’t wait to meet baby Colt!!  Love you Calista!!

Cowboy Cole’s Baby Shower & Cowboy Bedroom

I threw a baby shower for my Sister-in-law last month.  I had so much fun with the cowboy theme!!  Take a peek:


The Cake table had burlap and bandanas with horseshoe confetti under the cake.  Cake was chocolate with fondant.  Yummy Yummy!

I found cow print fabric at JoAnn’s {{Squeal}}  So, I bought a ton of it, and made table cloths.  Love it!!

Everyone used bandanas as napkins and was deputized with a badge during lunch.  One of the place settings had a little cowboy hiding in it.  That girl won a prize!

Burlap.  I wrapped all the prizes for the games in burlap.  I wrapped raffia ribbon and strips of bandana around them.  As they won prizes, the got to pick from this prize station. We also gave all the ladies cowboy lanterns as part of the favors.  (A.K.A. candles)

Pie Tin Game

We played one of my favorite shower games, 3 pie tins, and 3 pairs of dice.  Place about 8 wrapped presents in the center of the room (we had 24 ladies at this shower, you can add or subtract presents and pie tins for your group size.) Have all the ladies in a circle around the presents.  Give 3 random ladies in the circle a pie tin and a set of dice. Set the timer for 5 minutes.  When you say go, they get one chance to roll doubles.  If they roll doubles, they get to pick a prize and open it from the prizes in the middle, or steal from someone who has already opened a present.  If they did not roll doubles they wait for another pie tin to come around.  Each person gets one roll, and passes the tin to the lady on their left.  They keep passing and rolling until the 5 minutes is up.  This game starts out nice and calm.  Then the stealing and giggling begins.  It’s great fun!!  Love Love Love it!!

Rag Blanket

I made a Rag Blanket for Baby Cole.  Every baby needs one of these.  This is the first one I have done with solid colors.  I love it!!

You can download a free tutorial on my yahoo group to make a rag blanket.  The font used is my Cowboy Western Font

Jennifer with baby Cole’s blanket

Pic of my Sister and I getting all the last-minute details done.  Have I mentioned I love to throw parties?  🙂

The necklaces we have on.  They have cowboy charms on them.  There were 2 of each one.  The ladies had to find the matching charm, and partner up for the “Put a diaper on a Baby” race game. One girl uses her right hand, and the other girl uses her left.  They keep other hand behind their backs, while working together to put a diaper on a baby doll.  Was really fun to watch them dress the baby.

We had serious mexican buffet. (It’s what the pregnant Mama was craving!!)  YUM! Ya don’t have to ask me twice to do mexican food.  Here is our Cowboy Caviar.  We also served sarsaparilla to wash it down.  Again, Bandana in the chip bowl to tie in with the theme.

Ladies having fun…

Isn’t Jennifer (Cole’s Mommy) so cute!!  Love my SIL. 🙂

Cole’s Cowboy Bedroom

My brother did Cole’s name in rope on the wall.  He chalked the name on the wall how he wanted it, and used a finish nailer to nail in place while twisting the rope. The Rope is about 3/8″ thickness.  Too cute for words!!

The mountains  were also chalked first.  Just chalk, chalk, and chalk some more.  Paint paint and paint some more.  Voila!  A gorgeous baby bedroom!

I hope you enjoyed our Baby Cousin Cole’s Shower and bedroom.  He is now 2 weeks old, healthy, happy, and home with Mommy and Daddy.  So proud to be his Auntie.  🙂 Love Love Love him!!

Some Halloween Fun!!

So I jumped in.  I started my Blog.  I’ve been talking about it for a while, and today is the day it all begins…

Here are a few of the Halloween things I have been having fun with:

Blinging Pumpkins!!  Isn’t everything just a little better with a little bling?  I attached a pic of my kids with a pipe cleaner and hot glue. After the kids get done blinging the pumpkins, we pass them out to friends and family.  The rhinestones are glued on with Gem Tac.  Our favorite bling glue!

Here are a few things I have added to my kids lunches this week to give them a little Halloween fun!!

Spider rings in thermos with chicken and rice.  My 9 year-old said she had to show it to all of her friends.  They thought it was awesome!!  They actually looked real and kinda creeped me out.

Ghosts are in the snack bag scaring the bananas!!

I wrote on a banana with a straight pin.  When you first write on the banana it is clear, over a few minutes it starts to darken.  By the time my kids get them at snack time, it will be perfect!!  After school I asked them if any ghosts were in their snack bags.  They were so excited to tell me all about them!  Big HIT!!

Candy Smartie necklace for my little Smarties!!  Going to tie some Halloween ribbons on here before it actually gets in the lunch on Monday.

OK, so there they are, googly eye monsters to eat with.  I couldn’t refuse.

I also made googly eyes out of royal icing, to turn everything into monsters, (see recipe for Royal Icing under recipes), sent in werewolf teeth, and drew on an orange with a sharpie to make it look like a pumpkin.  Everything was super easy and inexpensive, yet priceless memories for my little ones…

Hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween!