Cowboy Cole’s Baby Shower & Cowboy Bedroom

I threw a baby shower for my Sister-in-law last month.  I had so much fun with the cowboy theme!!  Take a peek:


The Cake table had burlap and bandanas with horseshoe confetti under the cake.  Cake was chocolate with fondant.  Yummy Yummy!

I found cow print fabric at JoAnn’s {{Squeal}}  So, I bought a ton of it, and made table cloths.  Love it!!

Everyone used bandanas as napkins and was deputized with a badge during lunch.  One of the place settings had a little cowboy hiding in it.  That girl won a prize!

Burlap.  I wrapped all the prizes for the games in burlap.  I wrapped raffia ribbon and strips of bandana around them.  As they won prizes, the got to pick from this prize station. We also gave all the ladies cowboy lanterns as part of the favors.  (A.K.A. candles)

Pie Tin Game

We played one of my favorite shower games, 3 pie tins, and 3 pairs of dice.  Place about 8 wrapped presents in the center of the room (we had 24 ladies at this shower, you can add or subtract presents and pie tins for your group size.) Have all the ladies in a circle around the presents.  Give 3 random ladies in the circle a pie tin and a set of dice. Set the timer for 5 minutes.  When you say go, they get one chance to roll doubles.  If they roll doubles, they get to pick a prize and open it from the prizes in the middle, or steal from someone who has already opened a present.  If they did not roll doubles they wait for another pie tin to come around.  Each person gets one roll, and passes the tin to the lady on their left.  They keep passing and rolling until the 5 minutes is up.  This game starts out nice and calm.  Then the stealing and giggling begins.  It’s great fun!!  Love Love Love it!!

Rag Blanket

I made a Rag Blanket for Baby Cole.  Every baby needs one of these.  This is the first one I have done with solid colors.  I love it!!

You can download a free tutorial on my yahoo group to make a rag blanket.  The font used is my Cowboy Western Font

Jennifer with baby Cole’s blanket

Pic of my Sister and I getting all the last-minute details done.  Have I mentioned I love to throw parties?  🙂

The necklaces we have on.  They have cowboy charms on them.  There were 2 of each one.  The ladies had to find the matching charm, and partner up for the “Put a diaper on a Baby” race game. One girl uses her right hand, and the other girl uses her left.  They keep other hand behind their backs, while working together to put a diaper on a baby doll.  Was really fun to watch them dress the baby.

We had serious mexican buffet. (It’s what the pregnant Mama was craving!!)  YUM! Ya don’t have to ask me twice to do mexican food.  Here is our Cowboy Caviar.  We also served sarsaparilla to wash it down.  Again, Bandana in the chip bowl to tie in with the theme.

Ladies having fun…

Isn’t Jennifer (Cole’s Mommy) so cute!!  Love my SIL. 🙂

Cole’s Cowboy Bedroom

My brother did Cole’s name in rope on the wall.  He chalked the name on the wall how he wanted it, and used a finish nailer to nail in place while twisting the rope. The Rope is about 3/8″ thickness.  Too cute for words!!

The mountains  were also chalked first.  Just chalk, chalk, and chalk some more.  Paint paint and paint some more.  Voila!  A gorgeous baby bedroom!

I hope you enjoyed our Baby Cousin Cole’s Shower and bedroom.  He is now 2 weeks old, healthy, happy, and home with Mommy and Daddy.  So proud to be his Auntie.  🙂 Love Love Love him!!


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