Reindeer Feed with Fingerprint Reindeer

Reindeer Feed is a yearly tradition in our house.  Every year we make big batches of it, and pass it out to all the kids.  On Christmas Eve, right before bedtime, we sprinkle it all over the yard, and a few neighbors.   (Wouldn’t want Santa to miss anyone on our street!)  The kids love running a muck in their pajama’s, as it is the last ditch effort to make sure Santa comes.

You can download this printable card on my yahoo group for free, under Christmas Fun.  (You will need to add Reindeer)

We added our kids fingerprints ( I did the kids thumbprints) with a brown stamp pad, the antlers with a marker, and the noses with red paint.  I use the other end of the paint brush, dip it in the paint, and it makes a perfect dot each time.  🙂

Recipe for Reindeer Feed: Oatmeal and Glitter.  Reindeer love it!!

I painted Lexi’s nails to go with her outfit I made for her Christmas party.  Easy Peasy.  Just paint red, and add green glitter nail polish to the ends.  Christmas French Manicure in minutes!! = Ten happy little fingers!

Love Love Love these Cotton Candy Snowmen tubs!!


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