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Cutie Candles and Baby Changing Station

Cutie Candles

How fun are these! All you need is a Cutie and some Olive Oil!

Cut a Cutie, a.k.a. Clementine Orange, around the middle, peel in half, cut a cute shape out of the top,  (hearts would be so cute for Valentine’s Day) use the pulp stem in the bottom half as a wick, fill with olive oil, light the pulp, and enjoy your little Cutie candle.  Will burn for hours.  Do not leave unattended, and always be careful playing with fire.

Diaper Changing Station done in the hoop

Perfect little gift for Baby!  Diaper and Wipe Carrier done in one hooping!

Thanksgiving Fun

Here is a little turkey I did with my kids for favors last year

Here’s how:

Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies. Wrap in plastic wrap.  Glue on Feathers and Turkey Faces. Googly eyes would be cute on these! Have I mentioned I love googly eyes?

Scroll down to the bottom for a copy of this turkey

I can’t take credit for this one. My assistant leader Kerri made this one last year for our Thanksgiving Girl Scout meeting  snack.  I think she did a great job!!  The girls loved it.  She used a cantaloupe for the body, and a pear for the face.  Too Cute Kerri!!

Every Sunday we have family game night with a big Sunday dinner.  This is my in the hoop Build A Turkey Game.  For those of you that do not have an embroidery machine, you can cut him out of construction paper to play.  Scroll down for rules

Build-a-Turkey Game

(2-100 Players)

You will need:

One complete Turkey for
each player

You can can decide e on how
many feather you would like for each person

1 Die


Youngest Player goes
first on the first game.  Each player
will use only one die.

Each Player takes turns
rolling the dice.

Roll the die until you
get a 1

If you roll a 1, select
a Turkey Body, if not, your turn is over.

Roll again if you just
rolled a 1.

Roll the dice until you
get a 2

If you roll a 2 select a
Turkey Face, if not, your turn is over.

Roll again if you just
rolled a 2.

Once you have your
Turkey Body and Face you can get everything else in random order until you
complete your Turkey:

Try to roll two 3’s. Each
roll will allow you to add one foot to your Turkey.

Try to roll two 4’s.
Each roll will allow you to add one Wing to your Turkey.

Try to roll 5’s to collect all of your feathers.
Each roll will allow you to add one feather  to your Turkey.

If you roll a 6, you
need to put one part back. (Pick any part you like)

The first person to have
a completed their Turkey wins!!

Here is the Turkey for the cookie turkey.

 Just right-click on him, and copy to a word doc.  You can make him any size you like to fit your cookies.

If you want to add words on him, copy him to a program like Photoshop.

Gobble Gobble!