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Turkey Ribbon Bow Tutorial & Thanksgiving ideas

Happy Thanksgiving!! 

 I made some Turkey hair bows for my girls to wear today. Love them!! 

 Here is how I made them:

Need a last-minute appetizer?  This one is too cute!!

Need a last-minute gift for family of friends?  What about a center piece on your table?

Wishing you a day full of Blessing


Wrapping Ideas

I am getting into the wrapping mode for Christmas and have come up with a couple of fun things I wanted to share.  I have made Origami Money bows with personalized paper!  Of course the kids can’t wait to take the bows apart and spend the money.  (I am meany, I am making them wait.  These are for one of my advent days.)

I wrote a tutorial that included the fonts and some Christmas ding bats so you can make your own:

I just had to pick up these Lemon Head friends.  One of the girls hosting Bunco the other night had them on the tables, and they were yummy yummy!

Guess who’s getting a box?  Guess who they are sharing with?

Lexi went on a field trip to the Natural History Museum in L.A. with her class the other day, (LOVE THAT PLACE) and they wanted us to bring sack lunches, with our names on them.  (All of the lunches had to stayed on the bus until lunch time.)  Sooooooo, I couldn’t resist!  I had to run them through my printer and add a bow.  Our lunches we so popular!  Several asked me where I got them.  I told them I printed myself.  They were excited to try it!  Thought I would share on here too.  I did Halloween ones for school, and have plans to do Christmas ones.  They are easy peasy!!  I turned all the designs upside down so I could put the bottom of the bag in the printer first.  Maybe your printed will give you an option to rotate it before printing.  I used Microsoft word, and changed the paper size to the size of the bag.  Just do a test page first if you aren’t sure which way your printer will print.

Once all the lunch is in, fold over the top twice and with a hole punch, make two holes.  Tie with a ribbon.  Then it’s locked in there until lunch time.  (Plus it’s really cute!)  🙂

Advent for December

I have a love of Advent calendars.  Every Christmas I have a them going all over the house.  It is like a daily treasure hunt in December.  I LOVE it!!  Here is my latest little bit of advent fun. 🙂

I printed 1- 24  on card stock.  I printed it on half of an 8 1/2 x 11, folded it in half,

 found a cute stitch on my machine, and went to town.  1st sew 3 sides to make a pocket.

Add some toys, candy, money, notes, coupons…  You know, fun stuff!

Then sew your pocket shut with the same stitch.  Repeat 24 times

You can download my 1-24 ADVENT circles  on my yahoo group under files.

I also have a snowman advent you can download on my yahoo group.   This  one is fun to pass out as favors to kids.

 I  print these out and pass them out with a little Christmas baggie of Cotton Balls, with the
note” Merry Christmas, Love The Huddlestons”.
The kids love them.


kids color Santa

Dec 1st, glue one cotton ball on the circle with the 1, Dec 2nd,
glue one cotton ball in the circle with the 2.
Repeat each day until Christmas.
On Christmas Day Santa will have a full beard.  Come down the chimney, and deliver lots of Christmas JOY!

Thanksgiving Fun

Here is a little turkey I did with my kids for favors last year

Here’s how:

Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies. Wrap in plastic wrap.  Glue on Feathers and Turkey Faces. Googly eyes would be cute on these! Have I mentioned I love googly eyes?

Scroll down to the bottom for a copy of this turkey

I can’t take credit for this one. My assistant leader Kerri made this one last year for our Thanksgiving Girl Scout meeting  snack.  I think she did a great job!!  The girls loved it.  She used a cantaloupe for the body, and a pear for the face.  Too Cute Kerri!!

Every Sunday we have family game night with a big Sunday dinner.  This is my in the hoop Build A Turkey Game.  For those of you that do not have an embroidery machine, you can cut him out of construction paper to play.  Scroll down for rules

Build-a-Turkey Game

(2-100 Players)

You will need:

One complete Turkey for
each player

You can can decide e on how
many feather you would like for each person

1 Die


Youngest Player goes
first on the first game.  Each player
will use only one die.

Each Player takes turns
rolling the dice.

Roll the die until you
get a 1

If you roll a 1, select
a Turkey Body, if not, your turn is over.

Roll again if you just
rolled a 1.

Roll the dice until you
get a 2

If you roll a 2 select a
Turkey Face, if not, your turn is over.

Roll again if you just
rolled a 2.

Once you have your
Turkey Body and Face you can get everything else in random order until you
complete your Turkey:

Try to roll two 3’s. Each
roll will allow you to add one foot to your Turkey.

Try to roll two 4’s.
Each roll will allow you to add one Wing to your Turkey.

Try to roll 5’s to collect all of your feathers.
Each roll will allow you to add one feather  to your Turkey.

If you roll a 6, you
need to put one part back. (Pick any part you like)

The first person to have
a completed their Turkey wins!!

Here is the Turkey for the cookie turkey.

 Just right-click on him, and copy to a word doc.  You can make him any size you like to fit your cookies.

If you want to add words on him, copy him to a program like Photoshop.

Gobble Gobble!