Advent for December

I have a love of Advent calendars.  Every Christmas I have a them going all over the house.  It is like a daily treasure hunt in December.  I LOVE it!!  Here is my latest little bit of advent fun. 🙂

I printed 1- 24  on card stock.  I printed it on half of an 8 1/2 x 11, folded it in half,

 found a cute stitch on my machine, and went to town.  1st sew 3 sides to make a pocket.

Add some toys, candy, money, notes, coupons…  You know, fun stuff!

Then sew your pocket shut with the same stitch.  Repeat 24 times

You can download my 1-24 ADVENT circles  on my yahoo group under files.

I also have a snowman advent you can download on my yahoo group.   This  one is fun to pass out as favors to kids.

 I  print these out and pass them out with a little Christmas baggie of Cotton Balls, with the
note” Merry Christmas, Love The Huddlestons”.
The kids love them.


kids color Santa

Dec 1st, glue one cotton ball on the circle with the 1, Dec 2nd,
glue one cotton ball in the circle with the 2.
Repeat each day until Christmas.
On Christmas Day Santa will have a full beard.  Come down the chimney, and deliver lots of Christmas JOY!


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