Wrapping Ideas

I am getting into the wrapping mode for Christmas and have come up with a couple of fun things I wanted to share.  I have made Origami Money bows with personalized paper!  Of course the kids can’t wait to take the bows apart and spend the money.  (I am meany, I am making them wait.  These are for one of my advent days.)

I wrote a tutorial that included the fonts and some Christmas ding bats so you can make your own:


I just had to pick up these Lemon Head friends.  One of the girls hosting Bunco the other night had them on the tables, and they were yummy yummy!

Guess who’s getting a box?  Guess who they are sharing with?

Lexi went on a field trip to the Natural History Museum in L.A. with her class the other day, (LOVE THAT PLACE) and they wanted us to bring sack lunches, with our names on them.  (All of the lunches had to stayed on the bus until lunch time.)  Sooooooo, I couldn’t resist!  I had to run them through my printer and add a bow.  Our lunches we so popular!  Several asked me where I got them.  I told them I printed myself.  They were excited to try it!  Thought I would share on here too.  I did Halloween ones for school, and have plans to do Christmas ones.  They are easy peasy!!  I turned all the designs upside down so I could put the bottom of the bag in the printer first.  Maybe your printed will give you an option to rotate it before printing.  I used Microsoft word, and changed the paper size to the size of the bag.  Just do a test page first if you aren’t sure which way your printer will print.

Once all the lunch is in, fold over the top twice and with a hole punch, make two holes.  Tie with a ribbon.  Then it’s locked in there until lunch time.  (Plus it’s really cute!)  🙂


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