Elf on the Shelf Ideas- Meet Our Elf: MeMarkle

The Elf on the Shelf is one of the best things about Christmas time with kids.  If you don’t have one.  GET ONE!  They bring so much joy to little ones everyday!! (Target has a few Elves hanging around looking for good homes.)

I would like for you to meet our Elf.  His name is MeMarkle.  He has visited our house for many years, and we consider him part of the family.

This is what he has been up to this year:

He showed up riding a truck, with a trail of 27 cars behind him.  One for each day until Christmas.  Each day Jack takes down one car.  When they are all gone, Christmas will be here!

He’s a clean little Elf.  Always taking bubble baths…

MeMarkle!!  Get out of Mommy’s village!  You know you’re not suppose to play in there!

Kissing Punzle Dolly in Ella’s room!  He really likes the Princesses!!

He left the kids a message with toothpaste.  So nice of him to leave new toothbrushes for the kids.

He also babysits while Mommy and Daddy have dinner.  Wow, such a helpful little Elf.

I’ll give you an update later this month on what MeMarkle is up to.  I am sure we have lots of fun coming our way!!

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