Reindeer Feed with Fingerprint Reindeer

Reindeer Feed is a yearly tradition in our house.  Every year we make big batches of it, and pass it out to all the kids.  On Christmas Eve, right before bedtime, we sprinkle it all over the yard, and a few neighbors.   (Wouldn’t want Santa to miss anyone on our street!)  The kids love running a muck in their pajama’s, as it is the last ditch effort to make sure Santa comes.

You can download this printable card on my yahoo group for free, under Christmas Fun.  (You will need to add Reindeer)

We added our kids fingerprints ( I did the kids thumbprints) with a brown stamp pad, the antlers with a marker, and the noses with red paint.  I use the other end of the paint brush, dip it in the paint, and it makes a perfect dot each time.  🙂

Recipe for Reindeer Feed: Oatmeal and Glitter.  Reindeer love it!!

I painted Lexi’s nails to go with her outfit I made for her Christmas party.  Easy Peasy.  Just paint red, and add green glitter nail polish to the ends.  Christmas French Manicure in minutes!! = Ten happy little fingers!

Love Love Love these Cotton Candy Snowmen tubs!!


Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Mrs. MeMarkle has been really popular around here!  The kids are loving our Elf on the Shelf having a wife this year!!

She bakes mini Elf Donuts

She Brought a Letter from Santa with Magic Christmas Seeds!  You can download your own on my yahoo group for FREE!!

I used Candy Christmas Sprinkles in the Bags.  You can download these printables on my yahoo group for free

Font is Blackadder on the letter

Elf Tea Party

Our Elf is Flying!! He used Fishing line to hang.   Once the fan is on, he really gets going!!!

So Sleepy from all the shenanigans

A Magic Key!

He found some of our sand from the beach this summer.  He’s a Mermaid Elf! Try saying “MeMarkle the Merry Merman” 3 times quickly!  We have been trying, and laughing ourselves silly.

This is where he is today:

These little Santa’s Mrs. Memarkle is with today were made by my Grandmother.  She passed away when I was only 9 years old.  She made them by hand, and I can’t tell you how much they mean to me. My Mother used to hang them over our fireplace when I was little, and now they hang in my house each year.  On each belt, she has our names.  On for my Mom, my Dad, my sister, brother, and one for me.  Each one has hand painted eyes to match our color.  It wouldn’t be Christmas without them.  Funny how little things like this are so priceless.

Hand Painted Wine Bottles

I spent the afternoon painting with the kids yesterday.  I painted a case of wine, they painted all kinds of things! Rocks, plates, paper, even each other!!  🙂  I really love to paint, and so do the kids.  We should do it more often. Lots of laughs, singing, and good conversation.

I’m giving these away for Christmas to Friends and Family.  They go with my Game boxes.

I actually can’t wait to drink one, wash it out, and stuff it with a string of lights.  Might be pretty.  🙂

These Bottles are from Trader Joe’s.  Charles Shaw Merlot.  $2 each bottle.  Case for $24.  = 12 happy people.  I love these not only because of the price, but because the labels come off so easy.  Just soak in cold water for a few minutes, and Voila!  A fresh canvas! Once I finish painting them with acrylic paint, I spray then with clear acrylic spray. (Hence them out drying on my BBQ)

Baby Jesus Nativity Party and Candy Cane Favors

Happy Birthday Jesus Party!!

Baby Jesus Nativity Cupcakes

For these cupcakes I used a grass tip to make the hay, and rolled the baby out of fondant. His halo is also fondant. You can’t see it in this picture, but I added edible glitter, because, well, I think Baby Jesus would sparkle.  🙂

Here is one of the trays.  The kids loved them, but I think the parents loved them more!!

I Chocolate Dipped Candy Canes for the kids in the classes too.  I attached The Story of the Candy Cane, and our Christmas Tag.

Our Christmas Tag tradition

I print 2×2 pics at Costco.  I get 6 on a 4×6 pic.  Then I cut them out, and Glue them on Colored card stock. Punch some holes, and attach with glittery pipe cleaners or ribbon.  I do these for ALL the Christmas presents.  Family and Friends love to get them every year.

Candy Cane Story

Here is the story attached to the Candy Canes.  You can download a printable word doc. version on my yahoo group, so you can put your family’s name on them.  Look under Christmas Fun.

Manger Foot Prints

I went into Jack’s Kindergarten class and painted all of their feet.  What a great time!!  There is nothing like a bunch of 5-year-olds giggling themselves silly!  “It tickles!”  “Hee Hee Hee” “I can’t stand it, it’s too funny!” “tickle tickle tickle!!”

Candy Bark

Yummy Yummy!

While unwrapping all the candy canes, a few broke.  Soooooooo, I crushed them up, stirred them in the chocolate that is left, pour it on to a piece of parchment paper, and let it cool.  Then you break it up, and serve.  Yummy!

As for the Candy Canes that you do dip.  Parchment paper is awesome!  I use candy melts from a cake supply store.  I melt in a glass measuring cup in the microwave, stir, and dip.  I hold each candy cane with a paper towel to avoid getting sticky.  Be sure to add sprinkles before the chocolate hardens.

Once they cool, Bag and Tag them!!

Our Elf on the Shelf has a wife!! Our Elf has been having some fun!!

Our Elf on the Shelf has a wife!!

We would like you to meet Mrs. MeMarkle!!

She had a teeny-tiny little letter with her.  It  told the kids all about her, and how she is MeMarkle’s Wife.  They loved it!!  I wonder what girly things she will do??

Click here for Tutu Tutorials:

MeMarkle made some Elf art in one of the kids toys

Elves love Chocolate.  This one just couldn’t wait!!

Elf in a Flower Garden, (Well, Ella’s hair bows) Hey, are you wearing Lexi’s Beads?

Elf making Snow Angels in Flour

Are you kidding us?  You made the milk Red? Silly Elf!!

Ahhh, always nice to have help with the laundry.  Thanks MeMarkle!  XOXO

Our Elf T.P.’d the entire inside of our house!  Toilet paper everywhere!!!  Big streams flying through the air!! The kids had so much fun going through the maze of T.P. just to get to breakfast!

Free Horsey Rides in Ella’s Room!!

Christmas Baby Shower with a Diaper Tree!

I threw a Christmas Baby Shower for Baby Colt this weekend.  It was so much fun doing a Red and White Christmas theme!

I made a Christmas Tree out of Diapers, with a baby blanket as the tree skirt for the center piece.  See the Candy Canes in the Shape of a “C” for baby Colt?

We had a coffee Bar with all kinds of Yummy things to decorate your coffee.

I dipped Chocolate Covered Spoons with Holiday Sprinkles for the girls to stir with.  Whip Cream in the middle, Candy Canes, Marshmallows, Butterscotch, Hot Cocoa mix, Red and White Sugar Crystals, Carmel Flavor Coffee Cream (powdered), and of course, Chocolate all around.  In shakers, we had Cinnamon, Cocoa, and Nutmeg.

Everyone really enjoyed decorating their coffees!!

Christmas Cocktails are always fun!!  These are SUPER  Yummy!!

For Lunch Sandwiches and salads.  The silverware was wrapped with Candy Canes.  In the middle of the table was a little tree, each guest could write on an ornament.  She could give her advice, wishes, or poems for the new Mommy.

Elf Helpers are alway fun

She is doing the baby’s room in a Football Theme, hence the football blanket:

Click here for this football font:

Here is a link to a tutorial to make cookies like these:

Holly (Me), Nicole, Calista, and Jamie

These girls are so creative!  Love Love Love to throw parties with them!!

Can’t wait to meet baby Colt!!  Love you Calista!!

Family Game Kit Gift

Need a gift for everyone in the family?  What about making a Family Game Basket?  Here are some ideas for everyone from 1- 99 years old.

For the Kids

Family Game Night just got a little more interesting.  The kids are in charge of the rules!!

Dust off those Bingo Markers!!  We need them to make some game boards!!

We added all kinds of fun stops along the way…

Roll again, Move ahead 2, Say Ho Ho Ho, Go Back to Start, Candy Cane Pass, Lose Turn,  Go back 2.  Some of our other boards have some funny things on them.  Sing a song, tell a joke, hold your breath, cluck like a chicken, stand up and dance, eat a piece of candy, name the reindeer, give a hug…  As you can see, we have gotten silly!!

I bought Stickers, Snowflakes, and Dice at Walmart for just a couple of dollars.  Love Love Love it when we can have this much fun for well, almost FREE!

For Little Kids

Whip up a batch of Playdough and add in a few Christmas Cookie cutters and a few packets of Kool-Aid for fun!  LOVE LOVE LOVE kool-aid!  It smells sooooooo good!  Here is the recipe Card We attach with our Play dough.


For Mom and Dad

For the adults, I am adding into their kits, a bottle of Wine, 6 dice, and the rules for Farkle,

Careful!  This game is addicting!


Getting Started

Farkle is a pretty casual game and  played impromptu with a minimum of setup. All you need is six dice, some paper and pencils for scoring, a copy of the scoring rules, and a place to play.

The number of players for Farkle is flexible. Two or more can play (although a minimum of three, and a max of 8 is suggested.)

Each player rolls one die, the highest score going first. Ties are re-rolled.

Game Overview

The players take turns rolling the dice, with the goal of having the highest score above 10,000 in the last round.

During each player’s turn, they initially roll six-dice trying to score points. As long as they score at last one point, they can remove the scoring dice from play, and either bank their points or continue rolling.

If the dice you roll do not score any points, you pass the dice and you get a Farkle, losing all points accumulated for that turn.

If the player manages to score on all six dice, they have “hot dice” and may choose to roll all six-dice again, or they can bank the points and pass the dice.

At the end of the players turn, they write down any points scored and pass the dice clockwise.

Scoring Farkle

Each 1 = 100 pts Each 5 = 50 pts Three 1’s = 1000 pts Three 2’s = 200 pts Three 3’s = 300 pts Three 4’s = 400 pts Three 5’s = 500 pts Three 6’s = 600 pts Straight (1-2-3-4-5-6) = 1000 pts

It is important to note you can combine different types of scoring. (1-3-4-4-4-5) could be scored many ways. For example:

1) (1) could be kept for 100 points. 2) (1-5) could be kept for 150 points. 3) (4-4-4) Could be kept for 400 points. 4) (1-4-4-4) Could be kept for 500 points. 5) (1-4-4-4-5) Could be kept for 550 points.

In the case of scoring options 1-4 the player would typically throw the remaining dice (if they were to pass, why leave points on the table?) In the case of scoring option 5, they could either bank their point and pass the die, or throw the remaining die, with a 1 in 3 chance of scoring (getting a 1 or 5). If they were to score, they could bank their final score and pass the dice, or throw all six dice again, and further increase their score, since they have “Hot Dice”.

Each roll is scored separately. If you were to roll two 5’s for 100 points, if you rolled a 5 on the next roll, you would not get 500 points for 3 fives, you would get another 50 points for a total of 150 points.

Winning the Game

Players continue rolling until a player reaches 10,000 points. Once any player reaches 10,000 pts, the last round begins, and every other players gets one extra turn to score as many points as they can. The player with the most points at the end of the last round is the winner.

Additional Scoring Options:

Three pairs = 500 points – optionally 600, 750, 1000, or 1500 Four of a kind = Double (2x) the 3 of a kind value – also Four of a kind = 1000 – also Four of a kind = 4x the 3 of a kind value Five of a kind = Triple (3x) the 3 of a kind value – also Five of a kind = 2000 – also Five of a kind = 6x the 3 of a kind value Six of a kind = Quadruple (4x) the 3 of a kind value – also Six of a kind = 3000 – also Six of a kind = 8x the 3 of kind value – also Six 1’s = 5000 – also Six 1’s = Instant Win (no playoff) Two Triplets = 2500 points

Scoring Variations:

Three 1’s = 200 points (Pocket Farkle) No points for a straight Straight worth 1500, 2000, or 3000

Game Play Variations:

Getting on the board (popular)

Until a player has a score written down (on the board) they are required to continue rolling until they score at least 500 points. (Alternatively 350 or 400).

Game Goal

The target game score to exceed may be something other than 10,000.

Hot-Dice Roll

Players who score using all six dice are required to roll at least one extra time.

Three Farkles

A player rolling three Farkles in a roll loses 1000 points


A player can choose to begin their turn by rolling the dice remaining after the previous players turn. If they score on at least 1 die, they receive 1000 points in addition to the regular points they accumulate. (Alternatively, they receive the full amount of the previous players points)

Team Farkle

The game is played in teams, with teammates sitting opposite each other and combining their scores. Game play is usually to 20,000.

We have had so much fun with all of these.  I hope your family does too!