Our Elf on the Shelf has a wife!! Our Elf has been having some fun!!

Our Elf on the Shelf has a wife!!

We would like you to meet Mrs. MeMarkle!!

She had a teeny-tiny little letter with her.  It  told the kids all about her, and how she is MeMarkle’s Wife.  They loved it!!  I wonder what girly things she will do??

Click here for Tutu Tutorials:


MeMarkle made some Elf art in one of the kids toys

Elves love Chocolate.  This one just couldn’t wait!!

Elf in a Flower Garden, (Well, Ella’s hair bows) Hey, are you wearing Lexi’s Beads?

Elf making Snow Angels in Flour

Are you kidding us?  You made the milk Red? Silly Elf!!

Ahhh, always nice to have help with the laundry.  Thanks MeMarkle!  XOXO

Our Elf T.P.’d the entire inside of our house!  Toilet paper everywhere!!!  Big streams flying through the air!! The kids had so much fun going through the maze of T.P. just to get to breakfast!

Free Horsey Rides in Ella’s Room!!


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