Snowman Party

 Snowman Christmas Party!!

I threw a Snowman themed Christmas Party for my little Girl Scout troop.

It was SNOW much fun!!

We made Yummy Snowmen at the SNOWMAN bar:

Lexi had a Christmas hair do with Glittery Pipe Cleaners.

We Made Snowman Scarfs.  (Later to use as a blind fold for a game)

 White Paint + Little Hands + Sharpies = Adorable Ornaments!!


 Blind Snowman

Each girl is blindfolded (with the scarfs they made)  🙂  and had to draw a snowman.  See below for rules.

This game got tons of laughs!  The girls loved it!

Blind Snowman Game

  1. Blindfold everyone and make sure they can’t peek.  🙂
  2. Ask everyone to only draw what is called out.
  3. Draw a Snowman head
  4. Draw the middle snowball on your snowman
  5. Draw the bottom snowball on your snowman
  6. Give your snowman some eyes so he can see
  7. Add a carrot nose so he can smell
  8. Give your snowman a mouth so he can sing
  9. Give him 3 buttons down the front
  10. Now draw 2 arms so he can give hugs to all his friends
  11. Last but not least, put a hat on top of his head to bring him to life
  12. Now take off your blindfolds and look at your silly snowman!!

Vote for the Best one!!  Give the Artist a Prize!!

Next we had to build another snowman.  Living in California, well, we are a little SNOW challenged…

Teams of 3 girls.  One is the Snowman, and 2 girls are the decorators!!  On Go, they have to wrap 2 rolls of toilet paper, add 3 buttons down the front, (paper circle with tape loops on them) , and finally add a scarf.  1st team done gets a prize!!

Our Winners!!  Good Job Alesia and Shaley!!  You guys ROCKED it!!

Of course!!  a T.P. Fight!!!  WOO HOO!

The Last Game we played was:

Snowmen in the Air

 I loved this one. 🙂  Each girl got 2 balloons.

She drew snowman faces and her name on them.

On Go.  They had to throw them in the air and keep their balloons from touching the ground.  No HOLDING!!  Last girl with 2 balloons still in the air wins!!

This Party was SNOW much fun!!  We also had a Secret Sisters gift exchange, and all the mom’s brought yummy desserts and hot cocoa to go with our snowman bar.  Thank you everyone for presents!!  I am so lucky to be your GS Leader!!  Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I LOVE YOU ALL!


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