Krispmas Favors and Lunch Ideas

Who doesn’t LOVE Rice Krispy Treats?  They are one of my favorite things!!  Soooooooo, why not share them with everyone for Krispmas??

Kids will LOVE this.  The marshmallows expand in the microwave, and look like a giant pile of snow!

Add 1 cup of Kraft marshmallows in a baggy

Add 1 1/2 cups of Krispys in another baggy.

You can download these tags from my yahoo group  for free.  Print on cardstock.  I am also including a word doc so you can add “Love, (Your Name) on the back.

Click here for Snowman Candy Bar hats:

For Girls

Headbands are the perfect favors for little Girls!!  And so Easy to do!!  Check out this new font:
I made these for my Girl Scout Troop to go on top of their presents.  Easy Peasy!!

Lunch Ideas

Yes, I am that Mom that sends my kids to school with fun things in their lunch boxes.  Here are Fridays sandwiches.  Chocolate chips and american cheese.

My BFF has been busy too!  She is doing Christmas Advent Lunches.  This is what she has been up to:

LOVE this Snowball Fight Nicole!!  You always know how to make me smile!!


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